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Mediagram V5.0 is featured in the April 2002 issue of magazine. Get that issue from your local newsagents for a special deal.

Mediagram V4.0

"The beauty of Mediagram is its simplicity and file size. It doesn't try to do everything itself but rather utilises other applicable applications. These features make the product highly extensible using all the document-centric features of Windows 32-bit products and provide the widest range of file type compatibility for graphics, video and sound" - Paul Noone, CD Producer, Editorial staff - Magazine Jan 2001 issue.

"Mediagram is an ideal addition for any classroom as it allows students and teachers to present their lessons or projects in an interactive way with sound and images. Its simple WYSIWYG interface means that all ages can use the application easily." - Regina Edista, Interactive Coordinator, Editorial staff - PCAuthority Magazine Feb 2001 issue.

Christopher Lean, Executive Management, InfoVision ...

"I want our company to be known for being a partner. We don't do jobs where we get the specs, go off and code, deliver the program, and leave. We want to combine our expertise with the client's expertise and create something that's better than either of us could do alone."

Partnering with InfoVision guarantees that the solutions you reach today will support you tomorrow -- we build open-ended capabilities designed to blend with future technologies.

InfoVision Consulting Group
39 / 19-23 Forbes Street Woolloomooloo 2011
NSW, Australia
(612) 9356-4405 (phone)
(612) 9356-4405 (fax)

ABN 16 573 671 996

Our expertise is in marrying easy-to-navigate Web sites with sophisticated, secure data-management systems to support businesses that deal in information. The construction of the systems for InfoVision's clients, and the programming to support them, is the province of InfoVision's well-trained and experienced employees. The company has created solutions such as designing a banking Internet-based system; redesigning intranets and extranets; creating a storage-and-recall system for billing; programming a full online content publishing system; and designing a system that would assure secure Internet-based contact with clients and users.

Since 1991, InfoVision has developed secure custom B2B sites for private industry. Those clients, for whom confidentiality has been an important concern, include a former national telecommunications carrier company, the Commonwealth Bank, Honeywell, Australian Defence Industries, Societe Generale, Avon and one of the Australia's best-known financial and consulting firms, as well as educational institutions and small community organisations such as EastSideFm and Eastern Suburbs Tennis club.

We are also represented in the competitive home-user, SOHO Office market with shrink-wrapped products such as Mediagram. This product is now in its 5th Version and represents a formidable solution to the challenge "To create a useable multimedia content development technology many people can find a use for".

With InfoVision as a partner, you will maximize your potential on the Web, find your answer to the development and maintenance of complex online-information solutions.

Discover what InfoVision can do for you. Build your Web application with confidence. Confide with us about your ideas and projects. Call us for an initial assessment.

Formal Methodologies

InfoVision prides itself on its collaborative process, one based on the carpenter's rule of measure twice, cut once. We rely on the expertise you bring to your project, and we spend more time in planning than most, and thus less time in fixing problems. The result is a well-conceived, open-ended application designed to blend with future technologies.

Our Consulting Group is a corporation which uses the internet to coordinate all our operations, with representation in 3 countries. Employees are known by their output, just as InfoVision wants to be known.

So what can you expect in aligning with InfoVision ?

InfoVision has its own process, honed through years of experience with clients. When you work with InfoVision, you can expect a commitment to meeting your needs, no matter what it takes, and a process that includes you at every point. We have experience, but we don't have your experience, and we need your insight to inform our work.

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